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Events at Kallos Gallery

Kallos Gallery provides a unique and unprecedented opportunity for private clients and the wider public, alike, to discover and appreciate the art and culture of the ancient world. Since we opened our doors in 2014, we have been pleased to make of the gallery a forum for meeting and discussing the living legacy of the ancient world today with all those who share our commitment to the preservation of such artefacts, and to a more informed understanding of their significance.

We host an active calendar and wide variety of events, from private views, major exhibitions, and bespoke receptions to public lectures, panel-discussions, and educational visits. Please check our website regularly to see our upcoming and past events.

For further details, or to discuss hosting a private event with Kallos Gallery, please contact:

Beth Morrow
Gallery Manager & Registrar

+ 44 (0)20 7493 0806

Education & Outreach

“He used to say that there was one good thing alone: understanding; and one bad thing: ignorance.”
Diogenes Laertius on Socrates

Kallos Gallery provides a unique opportunity for students to discover ancient Greek art, culture, and society. We are happy to host small groups of up to twelve students between the ages of twelve and eighteen for bespoke sessions and provide a truly memorable learning experience.

Examples of what we offer include sessions on Greek art, mythology, and history. Our tailored approach allows students to explore and even to handle ancient artefacts.

We welcome enquiries from all schools looking to inspire their students beyond the curriculum, and look forward to seeing you at Kallos Gallery.

For further details, please contact:

Paul O’Mahony
Education & Outreach Officer


+ 44 (0)20 7493 0806