Kallos Gallery

23rd June 2016

Weston Park Primary School Visit

Earlier this year, Kallos Gallery welcomed a group of pupils from Weston Park Primary School, North London.  Gallery Assistant Hayley McCole, joined by Education & Outreach Officer Paul O’Mahony, guided the children around the gallery by the telling of ancient Greek stories and myths that are represented on the pieces.

Pupils were then given the opportunity to hold and examine the Kallos Gallery gold coin collection.  Highlights included one of the first examples of pure gold coinage – a Gold stater from the Kingdom of Lydia.

Miss McCole commented: “It was such a pleasure to show the children the gallery and it’s extraordinary pieces.  Their faces lit up when they were holding the coins, and to offer such a unique experience is crucial to ensure future generation’s interest in the ancient world.”

We wish to thank the pupils and teachers at Weston Park Primary school for being such excellent guests.  For further information regarding the Education & Outreach programme at Kallos Gallery, please contact education@kallosgallery.com.