Kallos Gallery

10th May 2016

The Times Education Feature

Kallos Gallery was delighted to be featured in a article written by The Times Education Editor Greg Hurst, on April 16, 2016.  Mr Hurst joined a school group from Patcham High School, Brighton, where the pupils had the opportunity to learn how the ancient Greek world was influenced by the Egyptians and the Phoenicians, as well as holding and examining up-close gold coins from the exquisite Kallos Gallery collection.

For more information regarding the article, please contact us at info@kallosgallery.com. Excepts are below:

These artefacts, on sale at the Kallos Gallery, Mayfair, are being shown to children to encourage interest in Ancient Greece and other classical subjects in state schools. The 20 pupils have travelled from Patcham High School, Brighton. 

Moments earlier the teenagers took turns to handle the horse figurine: the only rules were to hold it over the table and cradle it in their palm, rather than pick it up by its slender, more delicate legs.

Next, Ms McCole produces three gold coins from ancient Greece, including a tiny piece found at Syracuse, Sicily, with the head of the nymph Arethusa on one side and Heracles killing the Nemean lion on the other. The children peer though magnifying glasses to absorb the exquisite detail, and ask how the coins were minted and stamped.

Paul O’Mahony, who runs an education programme at the gallery, said: “We feel it is really wonderful that pupils can get to see these so close up and get to realise how influenced the Greek world was by Egypt, the Phoenicians. We want to show how exciting galleries and museums can be.”

We wish to thank Mr Hurst for joining us for one of our many education and outreach activities.  For further information of the work we do in this regard, click here or contact Paul O’Mahony, on paul@kallosgallery.com.