Kallos Gallery

10th December 2014

Proximity: Come Closer to Ancient Art

‘Proximity emphasises the ingenious craftsmanship of ancient Greek artworks through a simple yet powerful change of perspective.’
Kallos Gallery’s recent autumn exhibition, PROXIMITY.

Large, high-resolution photographic prints at a 1:50 scale revealed the all but invisible details of specially selected Kallos treasures. Leading the event were 1.5 metre square images of two of the finest Greek gold coins in the gallery collection. Displayed in juxtaposition with the original coins, whose diameter each measures only 1.5 centimetres, the prints combined with the original coins made impactful window displays.

The largest print, measuring 1.5 by 2.2 metres, proudly displayed the eagle of Zeus depicted on a silver repoussé phalera (ornament for armour or a cauldron).  Intricately rendered with exceptionally delicate craftsmanship, the details in the surface of the roundel were made monumental by the print, bringing minutiae that are barely visible to the naked eye to the fore and highlighting the ancient craftsmen’s attention to detail in a artefact that measures but 11.1cm.

Event curator, Dr Liz Sawyer commented:  “Whether our clients buy an entry level ancient coin, or a priceless piece from the foundations of Western art history, they can be sure the object has exceptional detail – proximity has writ these ancient nuances large!”

“…a thoroughly enjoyable evening.  Congratulations again on the wonderful design and presentation of the Gallery which is a great achievement.”

“…thank you for an educational and interesting evening at Proximity.”

The PROXIMITY prints are available for purchase, and are also available on loan for educational purposes. For further details, please contact Dr. Liz Sawyer on liz@kallosgallery.com.