Kallos Gallery

14th May 2014

opening the door to beauty in mayfair

Extraordinary treasures of the ancient Greek world took their place once again among ‘the beautiful and the good’ on 14th May, 2014, when Kallos Gallery opened its doors on Mayfair’s Davies Street.

hoi kaloi te k’agathoi, ancient Greek for ‘the beautiful and the good’, meant the most powerful and influential in Fifth Century Athenian society. This phrase neatly captures the guests and clientele at the gallery’s launch party, which welcomed HRH the Prince of Wales, an assemblage of European royalty, many of the world’s great collectors, curators, and connoisseurs of ancient art, academics in art and archaeology, and friends and family of the gallery’s founder, Baron Lorne Thyssen-Bornemisza.

A champagne reception in the gallery itself was followed by a sumptuous dinner in the Ballroom and Mirror Room at Claridge’s, both transformed for the evening into a graceful olive grove. Specially crafted ice sculptures of several of the gallery’s exquisite works of art, including the iconic Corinthian helmet, a seated figure of the grain-goddess Demeter, and a terracotta dinos (a wine-mixing bowl, an appropriate choice for the evening’s festivities), were stationed amidst the tables, dazzling the diners with refracted light as the evening progressed. Before an ice sculpture depicting the gallery’s iconic logo, a stylized Geometric horse, Baron Thyssen gave a witty and charming address outlining his vision for the gallery. Professor Nicholas Purcell of Oxford University followed with some warm remarks on the debt that the Romans and later artists and collectors owed to their Greek predecessors.

Kallos Gallery is named after the Greek for ‘beauty’, and this is at the core of everything the gallery does. Guests drifted through the gallery, admiring not only the beautiful artworks but the chic minimalism of the gallery space itself, its sensual textures, and the workmanship of the library’s ‘gate’, a magnificent wrought iron replica of a magnificent set of doors in the Villa Kerylos Museum, in Beaulieu-sur-Mer.

Kallos Gallery is now open for business, to all who appreciate beauty, ancient and modern.