Kallos Gallery

31st July 2015

Legacy: Ancient & Modern

‘Legacy: Ancient and Modern’ was the topic of discussion at Kallos gallery in June 2015, for an event partnership with Wealth Mangement firm, Vestra Wealth, and luxury health club, Grace Belgravia.

Jenny Tozer, Partner at Vestra Wealth, invited two experts to explore the subject of legacy. Dr Liz Sawyer, classicist and teacher, brought a fascinating and often surprisingly relevant ancient perspective on the values of Greek and Roman societies that existed over 2000 years ago. This was compared and contrasted with the modern perspective of Mark Vernon, writer and philosopher with The School of Life.

Dr Sawyer commented: “By looking at the lasting treasures of ancient Greece through its art, literature, and coinage, and considering the significance of a personal legacy to important figures of the past, we can examine the meaning of ‘legacy’ at the individual and societal levels in our own, modern age.”

Further information on the work of Vestra Wealth can found here, and details of the Grace Belgravia Club can be found here.