Kallos Gallery

24th September 2014

Kallos Gallery Hosts Elizabeth Gage

Kallos Gallery has showcased, side by side with the most exquisite ancient Greek antiquities on the private market today, a curated selection of the renowned jewellery designer Elizabeth Gage’s wearable art that incorporates ancient Greek and Roman coins and artefacts.

‘When I pick up an ancient coin I am aware that I am touching a piece that has been handled by people many hundreds of years ago,’ writes Miss Gage in her book, The Unconventional Gage.

By showcasing Miss Gage’s creations together with ancient coins, bracelets and ornaments, the exhibition highlighted the continuous threads that link ancient and modern perceptions of beauty, as well as the timeless appeal of ancient art.

The exhibition preview evening included Miss Gage in conversation with the Directors of Kallos Gallery, discussing her life and inspirations, and the pleasure of working with beautiful ancient artefacts to encapsulate history and legacy into one piece of unique jewellery.