Kallos Gallery

5th August 2016

Kallos Gallery at Frieze Masters 2016

Kallos Gallery is proud to announce that it will be taking part in it’s first art fair, Frieze Masters on 6th-9th October 2016 in London. As well as a selection of our most extraordinary objects, we will be the only ancient art gallery at the fair to present ancient coinage.  This will include a magnificently struck Gold 100-Litrai of Syracuse bearing the water-nymph Arethusa, and the youthful Herakles throttling the Nemean Lion.

Our stand at Frieze Masters has been designed by Arthur De Borman, a designer and art director working across films, commercials, installations and music videos. He has created art installations for SamsungGuinness and Nike; produced commercials for the likes of Apple and Adidas; and conceived music videos for performers including Jessie J and Tinie Tempah. De Borman has brought this multidisciplinary approach to his innovative design for Kallos Gallery’s stand, which will introduce our collection in spectacular fashion.

As the fair approaches, keep up-to-date with our preparations and sneak previews here at kallosgallery.com.  For a full press release, please email Beth Morrow.