Kallos Gallery

17th June 2016

Horses, Rulers, & Victory

Kallos Gallery is proud to announce a new selling exhibition, ‘Horses, Rulers, and Victory in the art of ancient Greek coinage’, curated with a selection of rare and dazzling ancient Greek coins.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday 29th June, until Friday 29th July, to coincide with two of the most significant events in the London art-calendar — Masterpiece 2016 (30 June – 6 July) and London Art Week (1–8 July). In spirit and theme, it also heralds the approach of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

With coins of stunning design dating from 561–135 BC, the display will celebrate the prestige of ancient tyrants and kings, the prowess of ancient athletes, and the nobility of the horse and horse-sport in ancient Greek culture. The Greeks exalted the master die-cutters of their most exquisite coinage alongside the finest sculptors and vase-painters of the day, and the finest coins as masterpieces of art in their own right. This fine collection will illustrate why.

For further information, or the exhibition press release, please contact events@kallosgallery.com.