Kallos Gallery

1st September 2015

Coming Soon: Amaranthine

Kallos Gallery is proud to announce the dates for our next major exhibition, Amaranthine: Flowers of Hellenic Adornment.

From 7 October until 18 December 2015, we will showcase three extraordinary pieces of ancient Greek jewellery, dating from the Fourth and Third Centuries BC, alongside other objects of ancient Greek beauty and beautification.  These artworks will be intimately displayed to encourage close examination of their stunning sophistication, and of the ancient goldsmithing and lapidary techniques used to create them.

Amaranthine, from the ancient Greek for ‘unfading, everlasting’, describes the timelessness of these elegant pieces, some still wearable after over 2,400 years, and — equally — of the modern engagement and fascination with ancient forms of adornment. From the Neo-classicalism of the Eighteenth Century to revivalist styles inspired by archaeological discoveries of the Victorian era, jewellery continues to take inspiration from its ancient past.

We believe that:

“These pieces intrigue the mind as cunningly as they once adorned the body. Jewellery has deep-rooted connections to social ritual — connections that cut across time and cultures.  The pieces we are bringing together for Amaranthine are heavy in gold, but carry also their own extraordinary histories that entice our imaginations.”

Further details of upcoming events during this exhibition are forthcoming soon. Please contact the gallery with any queries.