Kallos Gallery

5th July 2016

Classics for All Update

Since the opening of Kallos back in May 2014, the gallery has been a firm supporter of the work carried out by Classics for All.  A charity that has supported the learning of latin in over 300 state schools, it is now pioneering the introduction of Ancient Greek learning – something we at Kallos can only approve of!  Reported in the Times, Mary Beard, professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge, said

“I am delighted by this. The more we introduce kids to the excitement of the Greek language the better.”

To see the full article from the Times, click here.

It has also been a time of transition at the charity, firstly with Kallos hosting the the merger of Classics for All with the group ‘Friends of Classics’, who together now can work to broaden the outreach of classics appreciation and learning. Secondly, Classics for All welcomed a new Chairman, Geoffrey de Jager, who took the lead earlier this month – we wish him all the best in his new role.

Building on the fundraising event held back in December 2015 at Kallos Gallery – whose images can be seen here – we will be proud to continue our support in this charity’s important work.