Kallos Gallery

24th March 2016

Bringing a piece of Kallos Gallery to City Literary Institute

Kallos Gallery was delighted to work with a group from City Literary Institute on March 4th, bringing Ancient Greek art into their classroom and providing an amazing opportunity for learners to get up close and personal with objects. As part of the gallery’s ongoing education and outreach programme Paul O’Mahony showed various objects (including a Geometric Period bronze horse) to the group, whilst delivering an entertaining and informative talk covering Greek art and history.

Deborah Hyde, Sessional Lecturer in the Classics Department at the City Literary Institute said: ‘the students absolutely loved it – they couldn’t believe that they were getting to handle, first hand, artefacts that were around 2,500 years old — it absolutely brought the ancient world and its artistic output to life for them. They were so inspired, engaged and had so much to say.

They were still bubbling with excitement after Paul left. One student also asked for your/Paul’s contact details re: Classics study at her daughter’s school, so I fear you won’t be able to shake off connections, directly or indirectly, with me just yet!’

This is the second Kallos collaboration with City Lit, after another group visited the gallery last year. The institute, founded in 1919, offers evening, daytime and weekend courses for adults. Each year it offers thousands of part-time short courses, from one-off sessions to year-long programmes. We hope there will be further collaboration in the future!