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16th March 2016 Posted by: Kallos Gallery
Welcome to Kallos Insights

As we promised in our inaugural catalogue at the opening of Kallos Gallery, in May 2014:

“Kallos will bring together influential minds in classical art and archaeology, policy-making, and connoisseurship. It will be a place where the issues that surround antiquities today can be openly discussed, debated, and bettered.”

Since our launch, the gallery has hosted numerous events, including panel-discussions and lively Q&A’s, covering a wide span of subjects such as philosophy, psychology, and legacy. Now, we are proud to launch a new addition to the website, Kallos Insights. Over time this space will house a collection of articles and short essays from the gallery’s founder, our team and beyond. These articles will address the wider art-world, and the issues that influence the preservation and collection of ancient art.



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