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An Egyptian mottled green stone bowl

Possibly New Kingdom, circa 2nd Millennium BC

9.5 cm diameter


An Egyptian mottled green stone bowl


Possibly New Kingdom, circa 2nd Millennium BC

9.5 cm diameter


Of hemispherical form with twin small lug-like handles at either side of the rim. The date of the bowl is difficult to determine, as similar stone has been used in small-scale statuary in the Middle Kingdom and during the 25th Dynasty. However, Wellauer has suggested the bowl might be of New Kingdom date (circa 1570-1070 BC). The material is rare, and may be either anorthosite gneiss or ophicalite.



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For an example of similar stone used in small-scale statuary, see Schoske, S. and Wildung, D., Ägyptische Kunst München, Munich, pp. 36-37, no. 22; and Page-Gasser, M. and Wiese, A.B., Ägypten, Augenblick der Ewigkeit, Mainz, 1997, p. 225, no. 148.



Collection of Major Robert Greenville Gayer-Anderson (1881-1945), acquired in Egypt according to an old ink inscribed label on the underside reading, “5-6 dynastie. Trouvé à Kena. Col. Gayer-Anderson”

Collection of Henri Martin, before 1949. Henri Martin’s collection was sold in Belles collections de S.E. Henri Martin : Ministre plénipotentiaire, ancien envoyé extraordinaire de Suisse en Turquie et en Egypte : catalogue grande vente aux enchères les 23 et 24 Juin 1949.

Collection of Dr. R. Schmidt (1900-1970), Switzerland; thence by descent.


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